Production Part Approval Process

The Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) is a critical aspect of the product development process, and it is important to ensure that suppliers can consistently deliver parts that meet specifications.

Verifymatic, located in Turkey, offers a comprehensive PPAP service to help our customers manage their supply chain effectively. Our service is designed to provide a clear understanding of the production process and ensure that suppliers meet the required quality standards.

Here are the key steps involved in Production Part Approval Process (PPAP)

At Verifymatic, we are committed to providing our customers with the highest level of PPAP service. Our team of experts is dedicated to ensuring that your products meet the required quality standards, and your supply chain is free from defects and non-conformities.

The first step in our PPAP service is to review the PPAP documentation provided by the supplier. The documentation review includes the necessary documents such as control plans, process flow diagrams, and measurement system analysis plans. Our team of experts carefully reviews these documents to ensure that they meet the necessary requirements of the PPAP process. We verify that all necessary documents are available, complete, and compliant with the required standards. The PPAP level required for the project is determined by the customer based on their specific needs.

The second step in our PPAP service is to conduct an initial sample inspection of the product. We use advanced measurement tools and equipment to ensure that our inspections are accurate and consistent. We compare the results with the customer's requirements to verify that the product meets their expectations. The inspection results are documented and included in the PPAP report.

The third step in our PPAP service is to work with the supplier to implement statistical process control (SPC) measures to monitor the production process and identify any potential issues before they result in defects or non-conformities. We provide guidance and support to the supplier to ensure that SPC measures are implemented correctly. The results of the SPC measures are documented and included in the PPAP report.

The fourth step in our PPAP service is to conduct a full production part approval of the product. We conduct a final inspection of the product to ensure that it meets all the necessary quality standards. If the product meets the required specifications, we provide final approval for production. If not, we work with the supplier to address any issues and bring the product into compliance. The results of the full production part approval are documented and included in the PPAP report.

The fifth step in our PPAP service is to continue to monitor the supplier's production process to ensure that they are maintaining the required quality standards. We conduct periodic inspections and provide guidance and support to help the supplier improve their production process if necessary. The results of the periodic inspections are documented and included in the PPAP report.

The final step in our PPAP service is to compile a detailed PPAP report for our customers. The report includes all the critical elements of the PPAP process, including the PPAP level achieved, the inspection results, and any corrective actions taken. The PPAP report also includes recommendations for improving the production process and ensuring that the product meets the necessary quality standards. We provide consulting services to help our customers interpret the results and make informed decisions based on the data presented in the report.


PPAP levels refer to the different levels of documentation required for PPAP. There are five levels of PPAP documentation, each with different requirements. The PPAP level required is determined by the customer, based on their specific needs. The required documents for PPAP may include documents such as engineering drawings, material specifications, and inspection records. At Verifymatic, we have experience with all PPAP levels and can provide the necessary documentation to meet your requirements.