In Turkey at Verifymatic, we offer comprehensive Source Inspections that cover not only your supplier's facility or production site but also their products and outsourced operations.

Our inspections are designed to provide you with a thorough evaluation of your supplier's entire operation to ensure that they meet your high standards. Our experienced inspectors follow a customized inspection plan and checklist that is tailored to your specific needs and requirements.

We conduct different types of source inspections, including product inspections, process inspections, environmental inspections, and outsourced operation inspections, to give you a complete picture of your supplier's capabilities. Our goal is to provide you with the assurance you need to make informed decisions and ensure that your suppliers meet your expectations.

Here are the key steps involved in Source Inspections Service

At Verifymatic, we understand the importance of source inspections in ensuring that our customers receive high-quality products and services from their suppliers. Our step-by-step process of conducting source inspections is designed to provide our customers with the assurance they need to make informed decisions.

The first step is to plan and schedule the source inspection. We work closely with our customers to understand their requirements and expectations. Based on this, we develop an inspection plan that includes the scope, checklist, and timeline of the inspection. We then schedule the inspection with the supplier and our inspection team.

Before the actual inspection, we conduct a pre-inspection to ensure that everything is in order. This involves reviewing the supplier’s documentation, such as licenses, certificates, and permits. We also conduct a risk assessment to identify any potential hazards or safety concerns that need to be addressed.

At Verifymatic, we conduct different types of source inspections, including product inspections, process inspections, environmental inspections, and outsourced operation inspections. Here's how we perform each type of inspection:

Product Inspections: We inspect the products to ensure that they meet our customer's requirements and specifications. This includes inspecting the product's packaging, labeling, and functionality.

Process Inspections: We inspect the production process to ensure that it is in compliance with our customer's requirements and industry standards. This includes inspecting the machinery, production line, and quality control procedures.

Environmental Inspections: We inspect the supplier's facility to ensure that it is environmentally friendly and in compliance with local regulations. This includes inspecting the supplier's waste management procedures, air emissions, and water usage.

Outsourced Operation Inspections: We also inspect any outsourced operations that the supplier may have. This involves evaluating the supplier's suppliers to ensure that they meet our customer's standards and requirements.

After the inspection, we prepare a detailed report that includes our findings, observations, and recommendations. The report is shared with our customers, who can then make informed decisions based on the information provided.

We believe that follow-up is critical to ensuring that our customers’ requirements are met. We work with the supplier to address any issues identified during the inspection and ensure that corrective actions are taken.

Finally, we conduct a verification check to ensure that the corrective actions have been taken and the issues have been resolved. We provide our customers with a final report that confirms that the supplier has met their requirements.